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Gps Tracker

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet operations are under constant pressure to not only maintain a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets, but also to run efficiently and provide a profitable return to the fleet companies contracted to run the vehicle service for the specific industry.
How can fleet managers achieve all the objectives of a professionally-run fleet? Like any job, the answer lies in using the right tools.


Real-Time Location Tracking

Want to know where a fleet vehicle is at any time? Quickly locate your vehicles and drivers at all times from a Live Map on your smartphone or PC. Know if a vehicle is en route or parked, and the direction they are currently driving.


Trip History

Never miss a trip that your drivers take in your work vehicles. View all trips taken by each vehicle, including the start/end time, exact route the driver took, mileage, driving habits and more. Make sales reporting and tax filing easier.


Place Alerts

No need to ask drivers when they’ve arrived to a certain location- get automatically notified. Create Geofencing alerts to know when a fleet vehicle has arrived or departed common locations, such as the office or warehouse. Impress customers with accurate estimations of arrival time.

Ready to raise your fleet productivity and increase driver safety?