جهاز تتبع السيارات الاحدث

T1 Vehicle GPS Tracker

جهاز تتبع السيارات الاحدث و متابعه السائق

The T1 GPS vehicle tracker is quite a unique model simply because it can be used for both fleet

and personal vehicle tracking.

The T1 GPS tracker packs a lot of features which include, real time tracking,

GPS logging, two way audio, listen-in, an S.O.S. button and not to mention the stop engine command.

Add accessories like a handset phone and be able to make & receive calls,

or add an RFID reader to make sure only authorized person have access to the vehicle.

The T1 is clearly on a league of its own and it is one of the most popular models in the Meitrack line of trackers.

The quality and craftsmanship of the T1 really defines the amount of time that Meitrack puts into research

and development of all of its units combined with end user specifications.

جهاز تتبع السيارات الاحدث

حيث يعمل الجهاز بنظام تتبع السيارات المربوط ب 24 قمر

مع ضمان سنتان

وتمكن شركه الزاوبه الرقميه بتوفير جهاز تتبع السيارات الاحدث بمميزات عاليه

منها  :

تتبع السيارات ابوظبي


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