At Digital Corner, we are proud to offer a suite of VoIP phone features that revolutionize the way you communicate. Our VoIP phone systems are equipped with a wide range of advanced capabilities designed to enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline communication. Explore the wealth of features that our VoIP solutions bring to your fingertips.

Key VoIP Phone Features:

1. High-Quality Voice Calls:

   Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality on your VoIP calls, whether you're communicating with colleagues, clients, or partners.

2. Video Conferencing:

   Elevate your virtual meetings with video conferencing capabilities, allowing face-to-face communication from any location.

3. Call Recording:

   Record important calls for future reference, compliance, or training purposes.

4. Voicemail to Email:

   Receive voicemail messages in your email inbox, making it easy to access and manage messages.

5. Call Forwarding and Call Waiting:

   Customize call forwarding rules to ensure you never miss important calls, and manage multiple calls with call waiting.

6. Caller ID and Call Blocking:

   Identify incoming callers and block unwanted calls or numbers.

7. Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

   Design custom call routing menus for a professional and efficient call experience.

8. Mobile Integration:

   Seamlessly integrate your VoIP phone with mobile devices, enabling communication on the go.

9. Do Not Disturb (DND):

   Temporarily silence incoming calls or set up personalized DND schedules.

10. Speed Dial:

   Save time by programming one-touch speed dial buttons for frequently contacted numbers.

11. Call Analytics:

   Gain insights into call data and patterns, helping you make informed business decisions.

12. Group Call and Conferencing:

   Initiate conference calls with multiple participants, fostering collaborative discussions.

13. Unified Messaging:

   Integrate voicemail, email, and fax messages in one unified inbox for streamlined communication.

14. Presence Indicator:

   Know the availability of your contacts with presence indicators, allowing for better communication planning.

15. Custom Hold Music:

   Personalize the hold experience with custom hold music and messages.

Why Choose Digital Corner?

     At Digital Corner, we stand out for our commitment to delivering VoIP phone features that make a difference. Here's why you should choose us:

- Customized Solutions: We tailor our VoIP features to your specific communication needs.

- Cutting-Edge Technology: We stay at the forefront of VoIP technology to provide you with the latest advancements.

- Experienced Team: Our experts have the knowledge and experience to optimize your VoIP phone capabilities.

- Client-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction and communication efficiency are our top priorities.


     Unlock the potential of advanced communication with the comprehensive VoIP phone features provided by Digital Corner. Contact us today to discover how our VoIP solutions can revolutionize your business communication and take it to the next level.